La Soupe Populaire

"La Soupe Populaire" combines art and the culinary arts. Simple vintage furnishings, minimalist table settings, and warm lighting direct the focus to the exhibited artworks in the Studio House and of course to that which is being served. The menu is part of the overall concept – Tim Raue’s creations are inspired by and complimentary to the works being exhibited, with four appetisers, four main courses, and two desserts. Along with the focus on the essentials, what is special about the dishes is that each course is served on white Urbino porcelain, a design from the 1930s produced by the Royal Porcelain Factory, Berlin (KPM). With this, Time Raue pays tribute to his idea of a ‘people’s cuisine’ which prioritises uncomplicated dishes made from the best, freshest ingredients.

La Soupe Populaire
Prenzlauer Allee 242