Thanks for coming – A Casting Diary

In the past seven years fashion photographer Mark Pillai has photographed around 1200 models at castings in his Parisian apartment and studio. Pillai spends an unusually long time with each model because it is the only time that model and photographer meet alone – different to fashion shoots where they are constantly surrounded by stylists, make-up artists and assistants. Pillai is looking for a personal interaction with the models. He wants to find out what makes each model unique. During these castings Pillai works with whatever the sitter, the lighting and space in that moment have to offer.

The results of these intimate encounters are spontaneous and often very natural portraits of young women, far from the typical casting-„polaroid“. Effortlessly, these instantaneous portraits bring to light a glimpse of the personality of each model.

The images selected for the exhibition will be shown as a slideshow on a custom-made wall inside the gallery. Here, the distance between the projector and wall simulates the distance between photographer and model. In this way the viewer can re-live the intimacy of this moment.

Mark Pillai (*1975 in Pforzheim, Germany) is a fashion photographer and lives in Paris with his family. His images have been published in international magazines such as Dazed&Confused, Ten, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and many others. His clients also include Hugo Boss, Joop, Givenchy and H&M. This is his first solo-exhibition.

Mark Pillai
Thanks for coming – A Casting Diary
6th until 28th of July

Galerie Pavlov’s Dog
Bergstraße 19